How I proceed when advising companies

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Busines Consulting

Business consulting is always at the beginning of every reorganisation. This is because it is responsible for the development of solutions that fit perfectly into the business model.

Please check my four phases


My Four Phases


Narrowing Down The Problem

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I Start With This First

Finding solutions is impossible, if you don't know what caused the problem to begin with. It is futile to develop a response, when you don't know what it is you are responding to. For example, a social concern that garners a lot of attention is rampant drug use by the impoverished.

Then I DO That

Brainstorming techniques can be essential tools for team collaboration in the workplace. When teams share and build off of ideas, they can plan for problems, create solutions and plan new ventures. Additionally, there are many types of brainstorming techniques to apply in both individual and group settings. In this article, we explore 25 types of brainstorming techniques and how they work.

Deciding Which Solution

However, once a problem has been identified, you must distinguish between the two parts of problem -- either the root cause or its symptoms. Here again, four steps are necessary – and with all of this activity, it is recommended that a graphic organizer be employed to help the problem solver visualize the thinking process.


Describe The Perfect Solution

"A quote who fits the topic"

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Describe the Business Process

By streamlining your business process you’ll have less errors and delays, and customer satisfaction will improve. Sounds great right? Well, here are some steps you can take to cut waste, boost efficiency and improve your business process. Analyze your business process at a high level and identify what needs changing. You can uncover areas ripe for improvement by conducting a process audit to discover where issues and risks lurk.

Find The Correct Organisation

It pays for organisations to answer this question, bosses to answer this question and for individual staff members to answer this question. Everybody needs to meet somewhere in the middle and be aiming at the same goalpost. Maybe this is the ‘new vision statement’. Perhaps instead of stating where the organisation would like to go it will become “who we want to be”. Once defined, any decisions are easily made – if it fits within your definition of the ideal organisation go for it, if it doesn’t – flush it


Fitting The Parts Together

"Our business model is the same as the Beatles. Guys with weaknesses that you compensated for each other."
Steve Jobs

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Setting up Teams

Separate the day-to-day business from the implementation of innovations. Give the people who care most the opportunity to take care of it themselves. Every project needs a representative from IT. Teams with flat hierarchies and diverse skills produce good results the fastest.

Discuss The Results In The Plenum

You need to be informed about the results of the teams in a higher organizational layer. Such a superordinate organization takes care, for example, of adhering to or adapting the guidelines, which are the same everywhere. Or also to provide the teams with the resources they need for their work.

Keep Track Of Trends

They don't achieve digital transformation by using this or that technology. Nevertheless, you need to keep an eye on technological developments. Because ultimately, they want to create advantages for themselves through it. Establish a process to keep yourself and your employees informed.

Review and Adapt

Check Results And Adapt Your Business

"Measure What Matters."
John Doerr

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Check What Matters

If you’re ready to zero-in on your goals and set up a system for achieving exceptional results, it’s time to focus on getting rid of the “to-do list” and establishing a “success list". Unlike a to-do list, a success list is short. It requires us to take the list of everything we want to accomplish and drill down to the things that matter most.

Aling And Commit to Priorities

In other words, your company would invest its best resources in alignment with its top goals.  And each of your team would act daily in accordance with these priorities, letting these priorities and agreed upon objectives guide their actions and execution.  And finally, as a company, you'd hold to this discipline long enough that this pattern of behavior would become the norm for your company.

Track for Accountability

Adopting robust, dedicated, Key Performance management software, where users can navigate a digital dashboard to create, track, edit, and score their OKRs, as well as see their connections with others’ OKRs.

Manage Continous Performance

Continuous performance management is a modern, human-centered approach to promoting, evaluating, and improving employee performance. It enables your organization to create a trusted environment in which employees feel empowered to take control of their own development. In a culture of true continuous performance management, employees support each other with a wide range of real-time performance feedback – celebratory, instructive, and constructive.